Who Is Casey Rose? Part 4

Meet Casey Rose

Introducing Casey with a video seemed the most appropriate. It’s stories like these that made me want to become a storyteller. Our stories are our proudest accomplishments, at times. Nothing lasts forever, one day when we’re gone that is all that will remain of us.

I will always be proud of this one, regardless of the outcome. I believe that we can all come together for one purpose. At the top of this post, you will see a link to a petition. Please take the time to sign it. I’m not a saleslady. It’s just not my style. There will be times, however, that I will put all of my energy into something that I believe in. This is one of those things.

Whether you realize it or not, Casey stood up for all of us when he took his case to trial. He forced the government to do their jobs and he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. He was trying to prove a point. Casey is more than a person, he’s a state of mind. He represents something most of us have forgotten or been told so many times that we, as felons, aren’t worth the job or the lease we wanted to sign.

One thing’s for sure, nothing will happen if we don’t take some sort of action and be the change we expect. Even if you’re a felon, you still have a voice. You will never be heard if you don’t fight for that right. If you can’t do it for yourself, then do it for Casey. Share these posts, share the petition, share your thoughts on the topic.



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